Doing The Truth

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There are good things hidden in silence.
I believe there lies the beauty of taking a step back.
It's been my goal for this year : taking a step back.
And the Universe seems helping along the way.

In one fine morning,
I have a heartbreaking conversation with myself.
I just wake up and realized the first thing I thought was about making a living.
Like a heavy rain drop without stops, questions followed.
I have a battle with myself.

About the future.
About what supposed to do.
A way of thinking which really good taking you to the grieve yard sooner.
Ignoring the presence moment.
A marvelous distractions.

And, I try to connect the dots.
The dots surfacing in couple last months.
The Universe, God, My Impartial Spectator are trying to tell the fool me.
The thing I do wrong.
I, who try to, fool myself.
Conceive myself on the concept of right things.
I blindly avoid the truth.

I was on my way to disappoint myself.
I came back all the way to downside, to hid in silence.
'is it right?' I ask myself one more time.
And, all of a sudden,
a voice renounce in my head,
from a book I just read,
"Truth is what works."  - words said by William James.

Make the truth.
Make things works.
and I swear, I'll do.


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