I quit my job. So, What?

When I do traveling, I found many people quit their job before they came to Indonesia. Some of them have been traveling for months. They said it took them years to realize that they can't live anymore with their current job. "The most boring job in the world!" they said. At some point in their life, they just complain on anything. Everything seems wrong. Then, they decided to travel, to escape. However, you can't just posted pictures on Instagram that "Yeay,  I quit my job and now, look, I'm laying on the beach!". You can fool people but you can't fool yourself. However, If you travel long enough. You will found that traveling can no longer be your escape. Soon, Traveling will push you to see things, to wonder about your existence. 

People I found on my journey, those who quit their jobs, actually said the same thing, "I think it's boring, I no longer learn anything.". Most of the cases, they said they are afraid they are missing out things if they stay in their current job. Hence, they push themselves to quit the job and start their journey. If you meet some of them, I bet they must be thinking things that they're going to do once they are back.  Along their journey, these people try to discover what exactly they really want. Somehow, they change their mind between those travels, they start to make a new plan on their life.  When you travel in a long time, it will give you space to think more thorough about your life. 

I make this writing randomly after I did short trip to Bali. I've been thinking about my life, about why I quit my job previously, why I do traveling in very different purpose than before. What is the connection between traveling and my career? 

Seven years ago, I start traveling around Indonesia. It's not a really long journey, usually it's only 2 - 4 Weeks on the road. However, for Indonesian, it's pretty rare to find Indonesian woman in young age traveling by herself. I like being outdoor, I like doing scuba diving, facing the unknown. In some occasion, traveling make me realize on my capability to survive in adversity. On the other hand, when traveling becoming part of my life, when it's no longer an escape of routines, traveling change the way I live. I don't like being attached to some places for a long time. I don't like belong to a group of people. For instance, attachment is a horrible feeling for me. It's like there is always something new to be found out there, and my place is certainly not just standing here watching. I don't want to be dependent on something or even my job.

It's troublesome for me. In last three years, I change my job for three times. I like being outdoor and doing dynamic things but my major is finance (yap, that kind of boring  graduate who's gonna work in the bank). Traveling build me as a risk taker persons, not as a person who will obey rigid rules and regulations as applied in Financial Industry. I quit my first job after 10 months. I decided to open my own business which now temporarily closed down (this happen after 12 months). Now, I'm working far away in East Indonesia to help vegetables farmers. My parents are worried about my behavior. People said that it's millennial phenomenon. They keep changing job to find more satisfying job. In my case, I don't change my job because I want to get higher salary or higher positions. I think that "Always choose experience than materials." that's my motto in life. My income cut down into one tenth when I have my own coffee shop, hence I learn a lot about leadership, friendship, and entrepreneurship.  Life was harder yet it's more fulfilling. I take my privilege as a fresh-graduate to fail. As long as I have new learning experience, I know I'm in the right way. Young people often forgot they have privilege to fail.

If you think your job sucks. You don't learn anything. You want to quit. I will tell you, "Just Quit." But, you must know the ugly truth: it's a bottom hell afterwards. People will judge you all the time. You will feel less compatible with your friends (who now is a manager in a well-known banking). You don't know whether you will get the same level of income. Yes, ofcourse, you can go traveling for months (as much as your saving is enough). Yet, the feeling of doing nothing when you come back will haunt you along the journey. Like it or not, you have to use your brain to think about your life. It's actually natural urge to create things. That's what I feel when I'm traveling long enough. I want to come back and make things. Don't travel to escape. I'll tell you: It won't help!

Yes, it will be really cool to put post it on your table in the office "I quit, you made me." along with the laptop and everything. But, let's face the reality, you have two options there:
1) You got well plan after resign. You got scholarships or offer from better job. You may post on your Path account: at ______(New Office Address) on the next day. But a year later, the same problem will emerge. Again, you're not really sure why you are doing your current job.
2) You resign. You don't know what to do next, you got enough with all the drama with your current job.  You promise, you will find out later what you will do for a living. For the time being, you just want to travel as far as you can. Here, You're actually running away from your problem. 

Sadly, I don't believe there is an options for 'happily ever after job'.  Sooner or later if you don't discover what you really want from your career, from your life, you will be back at square one. You will complain all the time, blaming everything and need some escape.

Sunrise from my room in Bali. Help me to relax and think.

In my opinion, for both cases, traveling is necessary. Traveling will help you to discover much more about yourself. It will sharpen your perspective. However it depend on the way you travel, the way you see things. If you travel just for posting some pictures on Instagram, pretending you are the happiest unemployed persons in the world, it won't take you far. In psychology, we know that lying to yourself is harder than lying to others. Moreover if you move from one place to another place in one day, you will be busy taking pictures.

If you want to quit your job, give yourself time.  Go travel and stay in the same place for couple days, alone if possible. I'm so used to be alone in my journey, so it helped me to think clearly and not to be judged by others.  For me, traveling is my time to discover more about myself.  

So, my advise will be:

"Don't travel to escape, but to discover. Don't quit your job, unless you have discovered what you really want. If you know what you want, put your faith on it. Don't let others define you." 


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