Enjoy Your Morning as A Fresh-Unemployed People

Hi fellas! As you read my blog, you're probably having a hard time now. Well, you might just graduated from a very reputable university, yet the phone 'doesn't even ring' once. I'm telling you, I do have a hard time -probably. at the very morning, your parents or whoever stay in your house will ask you a very emotional question "What will you do today?". a question that might ruin your whole day, that keep you thinking that you're useless or you did something wrong so you haven't had any job. Don't worry pals, You're not alone - at least for the next two months :).
Enough for the bluffing, I just wanna share how I start the very important time in my day. For the past few weeks, I've spent my time reading books, a lot of them. And I get an inspiration how to start your day with the right attitude to keep you stay positive (at least it works couple of time for me :) ). Let's start it:

1. Wake-Up
Yup, it's easy easy thing that you'll always do every day, "waking up". Well, I try something different in the very morning when I want to open my eyes. I try to feel my fingers first, next one is my breath. Have you ever wondered when you try to wake-up then you feel numb, or basically you don't feel anything in your tip of finger? You'll be panicked, will you?

2. Last Day of Your Day
I read a book called "The monk who sold his ferrari" and "Tuesday with Morrie". It taught me a lot about dying. I remember a line from the book, "People know death, they must know somebody has died, but they don't believe it will happen to them until it come.". I write in my previous post that, remember that you might die today is a good thing. So, wake up, and remember "what will you do today if today is your last day?" when you're an unemployed like, you might think that today will be just the same as yesterday, I ain't got job, you keep negative thought in your head, sometimes yelling at your family because you think they don't understand your feeling. Believe me, they have face the worst, worse than you (at least that what happened to my parents). Finally, think, if today is your last day in this god-damn earth, "Will you do something unnecessary?"

3. Get some fresh water.
Go to the bathroom, get splash of water on your face.  No need to bath, you don't have to in busy-mode to go to work remember?  Use cold water, it's just really refreshing.

4. Check out your Pet
Luckily, because my unemployment, I adopt a kitten last month. my family already have 3 cats, but I adopt another one, a very-sick skinny kitten. In the morning, I check her out, whether she still at my house or already dead or leaving. she's a wild cat. The good thing when you have pet, it gives you some task to do in the morning, and you've got 'someone' waiting for you. It feels good for me when I can feed my cat in the morning, the best part is when my cat shows a positive recovery. Feeling useful is what you got when you have pet. It's extremely important at a time like this.

5. Make Breakfast
I've got someone at home to help me make my breakfast, after all during my unemployment I do make breakfast on my own. Every morning, I use a little bit of my brain to decide what I eat at the very first time today. you may think is not important, or you already have someone cook for you. But for me, I like to oven my bread or prepare my oatmeal. The other thing, I make my own drink. Drink in the morning is far more important than eating (for me). I never ever ever has someone to make my coffee. I want my coffee to have perfect smell, sugar and creamer.  whenever I make my breakfast, I imagine when I have job, I will do it just like this everyday. Single and have to make my own breakfast, I should train my self from now. Keep positive!

6. Read Something
Okay, for me this's the best part. I like to set up my breakfast on the table as fascinating as I can. after that, I bring my book in breakfast. I put my leg on the chair in front of me, then I start to slow the time. You remember when Einstein say that "Time is relative" which means sometime it goes fast or slow. So I try to enjoy my time by slowing it down. Here what I do. I take my book, then I sip on my coffee. I read my book very slowly as like I want to remember every word. The important of this part is, keep your brain working. when I have finished my course in college and waited for my defense, I start to feel what you call 'Brain Freezing". It's like my ability to think just fade away by little every day. I was afraid that by the time I have to work, I can't even think as fast as I can do before. I had an interview months ago, I was asked a logic question about a case. at that time (when time goes very slowly), I have no idea where I have to begin to think. My brain just think nothing.  can you imagine that? So, keep your brain alive by reading something.

7.  Doing something different
I have a small plant to be taken care of at home. I plant it when I'm officially an unemployed. I plant it so that when it flowers, I hope I already get a job. I give my self my own time. the higher the flower grow, the higher probability I will get a job. It's just a stupid juju for me. Kind of stupid things to make your life better. I never had my own plant before, It's a new thing for me. I just think that in a hard time like this, I should have done something different that I never did before, and it must be cheap (well, I don't have much money left). Gardening is my option, photography by Instagram is another thing I do recently.  Break your routine, even you can break your routine as simple as smiling on stranger in the morning, or listening some kind of music you've never heard before. Trust me, it helps. doing something new gives you new hope in your mind (at least I think so).

8. Meditation. 
I'm muslim so that when I had a chance I start to do morning prayer around 9.00 am. I read the quran, then I sit on the floor, I close my eyes, and think nothing or sometimes I think a lot. It depends. I'm not an extremist in my religion. I read somewhere that whenever you saying the same things (Dzikir) or read quran with some tones, it brings some peace in your brain. I read on somewhere that must be a psychological book or something. It's the same thing when people in Hindu doing meditation repeating a single word. When people say that morning prayer, I prefer to say I'm doing my meditation. by doing that sometime I feel that I'm not alone and I'm on the right track, I just have to be patience. Well, patience, something that I really want to have.

So, pals, people out there who's looking for a job after graduating. Congratulation and Welcome to the Unemployment Club. I guess you're not proud of it. But I just want to tell you something, running to next level of your life, where the world doesn't seem as nice as you think before, will you be in your track to your own life? or you want to run on the track somebody's else that you think right? One thing for sure, all you've got now is time. the most precious thing man can have. Once in your deathbed, you won't wish to have more time in your work, will you? So why don't you enjoy your little time in the morning with right attitude.

A little touched by god : "People is always running, they're always in hurry. They run for the next event, next job, next house. Once they run, they can't stop. " - Morrie, in Tuesday with Morrie.- Somehow, this line has a very deep meaning for me. I'm just think how pitiful I am if all I can do in this world is just running to death.


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