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Enjoy Your Morning as A Fresh-Unemployed People

Hi fellas! As you read my blog, you're probably having a hard time now. Well, you might just graduated from a very reputable university, yet the phone 'doesn't even ring' once. I'm telling you, I do have a hard time -probably. at the very morning, your parents or whoever stay in your house will ask you a very emotional question "What will you do today?". a question that might ruin your whole day, that keep you thinking that you're useless or you did something wrong so you haven't had any job. Don't worry pals, You're not alone - at least for the next two months :).
Enough for the bluffing, I just wanna share how I start the very important time in my day. For the past few weeks, I've spent my time reading books, a lot of them. And I get an inspiration how to start your day with the right attitude to keep you stay positive (at least it works couple of time for me :) ). Let's start it:

1. Wake-Up
Yup, it's easy easy thing that you…