what people called successful?

one of my friends says "ya, you always pretending like nothing happened.but, I think I know why you do that just to stay 'normal' or stay alive." I am wondering what normal means.
Does it means nothing wrong? or does it means commonly believe? hmm.. not so much different though.

an old dream may like this "after I graduate Senior High School, I will go into a well-known university, then graduate with high GPA, after that looking for scholarship or maybe job with high salary for bachelor degree." then after that? what come to your mind? "marriage - have a happy family with cute and smart children - and spending old times with a lot of grandchildren in a big house near a garden tea with fresh air." yeah, I think it's the basic thing people dreamed of.

then if we reached all those thing, we can say that we are 'normal'?
what if the opposite thing happened?

Like You don't finished the collage? hmm.. people will call you, "what a wasting money kid", people will pity your parents and says "too bad that your child can be as successful as you are, what a pity."

Other sample, You don't get married until reach 40's? hmm.. The rumor will start around you 28 and says that you are too ugly, selfish, or better thing "hmm, she/he doesn't care about marriage because thing he/she cared only career or money''

It's just not fair. People has their own parameter of success. Like not getting marriage or no graduated from college don't guarantee that person will be a MAJOR LOSER. I think, people who talk behind that kind of person just people who can't stand see other people can enjoy their way of life. That's why I prefer to act like nothing happened. Even if I do something terribly out of 'normal' way.

Even Friends call me a selfish person..
Even Friends call me a major loser...
I might be can tell you this thing..
"it's my life, not yours, just do your business not mine. If you're so sure you already successful why you looking down on the other people just to make you feel higher? poor you."


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