By The Chance

Okayy.. it's been pretty long time since I wrote things on this blog, and since no one read it, I think that's not a problem hahaha. today I write on this blog, because I figure out something. When I entered University, I never really 'traveled'. there are a lot of limitation, lot of duty, tasks and so on.. the most important thing: there is a HUGE limited time.

when it comes to a holiday season, I don't have enough money (red:savings) to go to wherever I want and it's a rainy season, so it's useless even-tough I had money. The other thing is I still don't have traveling mate. I mean, yes I have friends, but for travelling? It is still a big question. All I need from a travelling mate is just three s
imple things, which are: as crazy as me, Having high commitment (hell, you don't want to change direction in every single hour right?), third... 'easy going'. yup, travelling mate must be a simple-minded person who doesn't stuff the small things.

and... honestly, I lost direction right now, I don't know where to go, or any interesting place to go. the most appropriate reason why I lose my 'sense' ma
ybe :
1. It's been half-a-year I don't travel.
2. Some friends say 'please, don't talk about travelling anymore, we've got enough.'
3. I've got enough imaginating me travelling to som
ewhere nowhere. I need do some action.

then.. I come to write this thing. I thought nobody cares too, so I'm Independently happy to write anything here. Maybe In my thought-which is not complicated, just few things can full my mind, not many-. I have some destination to go, maybe in this year or in the next 2-3 years , if you ask me why I choose this places, the answer is "I don't know and Why Do I need to know? hey, life must have many surprises, don't open 'the box' at once, do you?"

These places are:

1. Turki
2. Thailand
3. Maluku
4. Sumatera

there are wide region, and you must think, "where the hell are you going to go? It's not a 'place' it;s a country, province, archipelago-or whatever it is!" then one answer for you who wonder why...
"It's none of your business. just wait and see. I'll show you, that sometimes we don't need any directions, don't need any guidence, or a set-up plan (what for there is contigency plan?)"

In my conclusion, one thing still the same, I'm still the ordinary girl, not smart at academic, not rich by born, not having matrial art skill, not a creative enough, who wants to love, enjoy, and travel the world.


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