Menampilkan postingan dari Maret, 2011

By The Chance

Okayy.. it's been pretty long time since I wrote things on this blog, and since no one read it, I think that's not a problem hahaha. today I write on this blog, because I figure out something. When I entered University, I never really 'traveled'. there are a lot of limitation, lot of duty, tasks and so on.. the most important thing: there is a HUGE limited time.

when it comes to a holiday season, I don't have enough money (red:savings) to go to wherever I want and it's a rainy season, so it's useless even-tough I had money. The other thing is I still don't have traveling mate. I mean, yes I have friends, but for travelling? It is still a big question. All I need from a travelling mate is just three simple things, which are: as crazy as me, Having high commitment (hell, you don't want to change direction in every single hour right?), third... 'easy going'. yup, travelling mate must be a simple-minded person who doesn't stuff the small thin…